NORTH KILKENNY BRANCH
                                                                 THE IRISH PONY CLUB


Olive Dooley                     Angela Mullaly     Yvonne Hoban        Jillian Dillon             Seamus Kenny
District Commissioner’s       Secretary             Treasurer         Children's Officer        Safety Officer
086 123 8237                  086 8071927        087 9375726      087 2786 684           086 843 0118 

Other Committee Members:           Austin Finn, Shane Mc.Keever, Julia Fitzpatrick.


New Members
Everything that you need to know about the Irish Pony Cub can be found on their website, Information is constantly updated and all the rules and regulations for each discipline, competition details, changes to schedules, parent’s information and much more. Our NKPC is also being updated. And please “like” our new Facebook page as information will be shared in this way also.

Important Changes to Documentation
Please be advised that under new Department of Agriculture Regulations all premises where equines are kept must now have a herd number. It is the responsibility of the owners to make sure they have all the correct documentation up to date in relation to passports, vaccinations and herd numbers. These must also be available for inspection at competitions. Please check out the IPC Website for further details. Registration forms can be downloaded from the site.

          You can contact us on any of the above numbers or at
          If you have any suggestions for the site or the club please forward them on .
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